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During my initial 4 years in college, while studying for environmental engineering, I struggled to exercise. That changed in my 4th year thanks to my college roommate who whipped me into shape. I was so inspired, I spent an extra year to study exercise and sports science. For the next 3 years, I accelerated at my profession in personal training and worked towards a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

At 25, I got married and was told I couldn’t advance anymore at my place of work.  I also found out I needed total knee replacements in both knees and there was no other solution.

I lived in an outdoor mecca and I was embarrassed to go do activities with my friends as I thought I could never keep up with them again. I was personally lost on who to trust, and was needing a solution for myself first, before I could continue as a trainer or physical therapist.

Then it happened.  In 2011, I attended a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) training that changed my life. After applying the principles in my own training for one year, my knees went from bone on bone, to normal joint spacing. I could kneel on the floor, run and ski pain-free. All without the use of a brace or fear in the world.

Solving my knees was the easy part. Figuring out how to help as many people as possible was my ultimate goal.  A trusted mentor helped me discover the best way to train people to eliminate painful movements and build resistance to injury.

I’ve always believed that I was meant to help people become more sustainable and live more natural. Through my life’s adventures and personal determination, I discovered the best way to help people reap the benefits of living pain free is through professional personal training and nutritional coaching, with a focus on first moving well, then moving often.



Hey guys! Im currently 2+ years coaching here at Modality and I love to help others move and feel better. Getting people out of pain and feeling stronger facilitates what we love to do in our outdoor and everyday life. 

My Background has been filled with exciting adventures into fitness, as well as, playing sports from an early age. From team sports to extreme sports, I am constantly pushing the boundaries of my body.  My favorite outdoor activity is skateboarding and of course adventuring with my dog, Luna. (Our wonderful Therapy Dog here at Modality!) 

I went to Massage Therapy School which made it perfect for learning about the human body. Having this knowledge has helped me in my training path. I competed in CrossFit and currently enjoy programing my own workouts. At a previous gym, I was asked to become a trainer, which inspired me to become a Certified Personal Trainer. I have several Training Certifications including FMS and Smart Group Training, as well as, several nutrition certifications to help me with my own diet and yours.

I was in the midst of training for competitive bodybuilding and everything in my prep was going as planned until I dropped a weight on my foot, shattering it. As I was healing, I heard about Modality and decided to check it out. The mix of functional fitness and holistic full body exercising was great for my foot and it will be great for you. At Modality, we love helping people move pain free. I knew Modality would be a great fit for me in my personal training career.

I have watched and been a part of the growth here at Modality. I feel confident and at my best when I’m coaching. I look forward to helping you and many others feel better and get stronger for all your outdoor adventures! Cheers!


I’ve been a massage therapist since 2003. Ever since my first day of class, I’ve been constantly learning and relearning. I’ve studied modalities such as; Myofascial Release, Rolfing, Deep tissue, Lymphatic, Neuromuscular, Sports, Thai, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Myo-skeletal alignment, and Corrective Exercise. My approach utilizes movement patterns to assess (1) what is limiting range of motion and (2) what muscles are weak and not stabilizing the body.  This allows me to create a truly personalized treatment plan. I also studied nutrition, herbs, and essential oils because I know that the healthier the body is, the faster it can heal. 

Over the years I have experienced back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, multiple sprained ankles, a broken wrist, whiplash, and various other bumps and bruises. I understand what it feels like to experience pain on a daily basis and what it takes to get the body back to being pain free.  My passion for learning and constant growth allows me to provide extraordinary results for my clients. 

I love to spend my free time rock climbing, mountain biking, white water kayaking, hiking, camping, xc skiing,  checking out the live music scene, and practicing Wing Chun.