Our Philosophy

Every person should move more, move better and keep doing the things they love to do. Our mission is to help 100 people each year while using the following principles:


Exercise Fundamentals

  1. Do less and do it better. Instead of cramming more volume into your training, make sure the training you have is effective and performed to the best of your ability.
  2. Don’t rush it. Warm-ups and skills cannot be won, yet think how many overly competitive people rush through them. Also, when going through progressions, don’t try to go beyond where you currently are or where your instructor is taking you.
  3. You can never be too good at the basics. If your body-weight squat isn’t perfect, then why are you trying to squat any weight at all?
  4. Failure conditions more failure. Your body continuously learns the patterns you are going through.  Therefore, you should not perform exercises until failure unless testing for a Personal Record (PR). You should only test for PRs every twelve to twenty-four weeks, and most of the time a 90-95% effort is better suited.


Whole Body Health

Modality recognizes health as more than just exercise or nutrition; it’s a combination of movement, fitness, nutrition, sleep and mental well-being in perfect balance. Our coaches consider all of these aspects when creating your plan, giving you the tools you need to achieve your goals in fitness and in life.


Injury Free Movement

The right movements support and strengthen your body, while the wrong ones can weaken or injure it. Our approach to exercise is simple: we start by protecting, then correcting, and finally progressing you to a stronger body and more youthful life. Our scientifically-backed movements use your body, objects and free weights to effectively train in movement and supplementary exercise.  This re-patterns your body to move correctly to prevent future dysfunction.


Machine Free Workouts

Fitness equipment is mass produced and simply doesn’t cater to people’s unique body types, pain, weaknesses or injuries. When people try to increase their movement without the proper knowledge and technique, problems often compound. The machines and/or exercises they’re using don’t utilize their core properly. At Modality, we use your body, objects and free weights to train your body in movement and supplementary exercise – the right way.

Perfecting movement with only body-weight can translate to being a better all-around athlete and being more effective in the rest of your life. We focus on slowing down exercise movements, practicing some static holds, and mastering our body-weight before adding huge external loads. Your body will thank you.  And when you get ready to move that heavy weight, it’ll be easier than before.


Individualized Focus

We pride ourselves on treating the person, not the pain. No human body is exactly the same, so for that reason, no painful condition should be approached in the same manner. We take a unique, personalized approach to each individual who walks through our door.  We also adopt your goals as our goals.  Therefore, we provide monthly check-ups to see how you are progressing and adjust as necessary to keep you on track.