Movement is freedom.  

You know how frustrating it is when you can’t move the way you want without pain.  Or perhaps you have been blessed with good functional movement, but are unsure how to maintain it into the future.

Limited movement can restrict your job performance, reduce your engagement with your children/grandchildren, take away your independence and prevent you from doing the recreational activities you enjoy.  These can cause feelings of regret, limit your lifestyle/career achievements and steal your confidence.

Your attempts to resolve your pain may have exhausted your insurance-covered physical therapy treatments or have you struggling to pay for medications.

At Modality, we prescribe fitness to alleviate pain and build resistance to injury.  Our personalized programs are designed specifically for your issue, to free you from discomfort, and get you back to doing the activities you want to do.  Your fitness prescription will include:

  • Exercise program and performance coach to guide you
  • Education on the body and its mechanics
  • Lifestyle and Movement habits

Each month, we perform a check-up to see how you’re progressing.  We then adjust your prescription as necessary, to maximize your results.  

Once your issue is remedied, we keep you on an injury resistance program to limit the chance of relapse.

So, if you have limited movement, are suffering from back, shoulder, neck, elbow or knee pain, recovering from surgery, or want to preserve your physical functionality, please contact us.  Getting older or being injured doesn’t mean that you have to stop doing the things you love.

Hundreds of Bend-ites are getting more out of their lives since we started business in 2010. You can see some of them on our Reviews page.  

We have helped them and we are confident we can help you—in fact, we guarantee it. If you are not satisfied with your progress after 90 days, you may terminate your prescription at no additional cost.

Contact us now for a Free Consultation.



We will discuss your current problems, what you’ve tried, your lifestyle and fitness goals, and any specific questions you have about our program.


At Modality, you don’t just show up and start working out–we’re not your typical “gym”.  Before you start, we will perform a FREE 30-minute Functional Movement Screen (FMS).  This is a series of screens conducted to determine if an your movement patterns are leading to muscular imbalances and/or deficits in mobility that would lead to, or put you at risk for, injury in the future.  This also sets the body’s foundation for better strength gains.


Once we analyze and evaluate your FMS results, we will prescribe a custom, scientifically-backed exercise program with routines that prevent injury, maximize full body vitality and achieve the long-lasting results you want.