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What are your fitness goals?


With Modality, every move you make has purpose. We protect, correct then develop your health and posture the right way so your improvements are long-term.


To play your best and reduce the chance of injury, you have to be fit and use the right techniques. We help you perform your best at the activities you love most.


We make sure the time you're investing in your health pays off. Our scientifically-backed plans and expert coaches ensure it.


What have your injuries or physical limitations prevented you from doing? Take your freedom back. We're here to get you there.

What is Modality?

Every move has a purpose

Exercise is essential, and the way you approach it matters. We start by understanding your health history and current condition, and build a personalized plan with scientifically-backed exercises that prevent injury, maximize full body health and achieve your goals.

Reduce injury and measure your progress

To truly change your movement, posture and overall health long-term, we use a screening system that matches the risk-to-challenge ratio of your workouts, goals and desired outcomes. Your progress is reviewed every four weeks, and your plan is updated accordingly.

Simply put, we protect, correct, then develop your health, fitness and lifestyle so you never have go back to where you came from.

See why we are different

Modality Environment

We’re a personalized gym for adults that prides ourselves on being the best part of your day. Everything we do has purpose, from the scientifically proven exercises and temperature-optimized facility right down to the safest, most sanitary flooring available. Our team is passionate about offering you a truly life-changing experience.

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The Modality Team Philosophy

Whole-body health

At Modality, we believe there are 5 pillars that create health: movement, fitness, nutrition, sleep and mental well-being. All are essential parts to becoming truly healthy, or “You” again. It doesn’t matter what you look like, where you’re coming from, or how far you think you have to go. Our plans and support make reaching whole body health an enjoyable part of your life, for the rest of your life.

Injury-free movement

We see exercise as movement and movement for what it is - the most distinguishable sign of life; a true vital force. Using the developmental model of the human species, we are born with mobility and learn balance and coordination. We transition from fundamental to functional movements. Even the most highly developed skill of a professional athlete has the same roots of movement as everyone else. Our exercise approach is simple: move well, then move often; first by protecting, then correcting and finally progressing you to a longer, more youthful life.


At Modality, everything we do is scientifically researched and tested to ensure your success and safety. If it’s not proven scientifically, we won’t do it. That’s our promise to you. Our screening system matches the risk-to-challenge ratio of your workouts, goals and desired outcomes. Your trainer reviews your progress with you every four weeks, and updates your plan accordingly.